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“SQUEEZE 100” NDB Event

Last weekend I participated in the “SQUEEZE 100” NDB event, organized by the NDBlist group. Aim was to log 100 NDBs (Non Directional Beacons) in an as small frequency range possible. Hence the name “SQUEEZE 100”.

I had participated in two earlier events this year in which I logged only 4 and 13 stations respectively. So I decided that I needed a bit of help and installed Pskov NDB software. The result was impressive. Not knowing what to expect I started monitoring between 300 and 500 kHz. After I had 100 NDBs logged I could start to zoom in a bit, trying to squeeze the frequency range.

In total I logged over 183 NDBs. Between 350 and 403 kHz I had exactly 100 NDBs, close to 2 per kHz! The picture above shows the most distant ones I heard. With 3033 km OZN from Prins Christian Sund in Greenland was on top of my list. I was also very happy to catch three beacons from Iceland (KF-392; VM-375 and HN-330) and two from Algeria (ON-415; BJA-423).

Below the Pskov screenshot of my OZN-372 log:

Signal from NDB OZN, Prins Christiansund, Greenland on 372 kHz


  1. Patrick

    Wow very impressive Peter, well done !
    It’s a bit like WSPR where the software digs out the weakest signals.
    I presume this is been done with the loop antenna, so this works really well.
    In your previous post you mentioned solar panel interference….don’t tell me about it !
    Living next to a solar panel system for 3 years that was spitting QRM like hell from LW up to VHF, with 2 visits from the bipt and ncs, and in the end they had to replace the inverter and finally all was quiet again (sort of ;-))
    I tried Pskov to run on linux with wine, but no success.
    So if I want to hunt NDB’s with Pskov I’ll have to switch to Windoze, because those aspects of the radiohobby I really prefer, like utility stations, weak digital signals, wefax, DSC, navtex etc.
    So I definitely want to try this, and who knows what you will receive during the wintermonths.
    Success and good DX !

    • Peter Reuderink

      Thank you Patrick. Good thing is that a lot of DX can be done in the night, with lower QRM levels, I just make SDR recordings and use them for listening during day time. This week I want to spend some time to get the Pskov skim function operational.

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