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EH3ARRL is advocating Catalunya as a separate DXCC country

EH3ARLL advocates Catalunya being a separate DXCC country
EH3ARLL advocates Catalunya as a separate DXCC country

Browsing through my SSTV recordings on 14230 kHz I found this interesting call sign: EH3ARRL. The station was on air September 23rd, 11.41 h UTC. Checking the website I learned that the call sign EH3ARRL is owned by a group of amateur radio operators from Catalunya. EH3ARRL is advocating that Catalunya should be a separate DXCC country.

For those unfamiliar with the radio amateur jargon: ARRL is the American Radio Relay League, the national association for radio amateurs in the USA. DXCC stands for DX Century Club, an award for those operators who can confirm having worked stations from 100 countries. And of course the ARRL defines what counts as a country, and doesn’t. All over the world radio amateurs use the ARRL DXCC definition to determine how many countries they worked. By the way, as a DX-er I always used the EDXC country list, which is a bit different.

The EH3ARRL group argues that Catalunya, while being part of Spain, has its own government, own police and own telecommunications. And they have their own EA3 radio prefix. They quote examples like Scotland, England, Wales and various other territories and enclaves that are counted as a separate DXCC radio country, while they are also not an official state. If you agree with them you can sign their petition on the website.

Later that afternoon I received the SSTV picture from EA3BIL, who happens to be one of the operators behind EH3ARRL.

Gibraltar Day and an old QSL

My JRC NRD535 is usually tuned to 14230 kHz in SSTV watch mode (using MultiPSK). This weekend I noticed a couple of interesting SSTV images:

The HAM station ZG2GI was in the air during Gibraltar National Day, September 10th. I considered it a catch worth posting on my site. The day commemorates Gibraltar’s first sovereignty referendum of 1967. Gibraltarian voters were asked whether they wished to either pass under Spanish sovereignty, or remain under British sovereignty, with institutions of self-government. Listening to the radio (or is this more like “viewing the radio” ) makes that you learn something new every day.

Gibraltar is a separate EDXC radio country. There is still a medium wave station on 1458 kHz which was always difficult to receive. But with more and more stations shutting down, who knows? For now, Lyca Radio – oddly enough with 125 kW one of the most powerful AM stations left in the UK – is still dominating the frequency here in my home QTH Woerden.

The alternative in the 80-ies was to receive the Royal Navy from Gibraltar who was broadcasting with callsign GYU in CW on shortwave. And yes, my QSL shows the monkey and the rock!

1981 QSL from Royal Navy at Gibraltar
1981 QSL from Royal Navy at Gibraltar

My first Transatlantic SSTV catches

I have never really been into amateur radio/HAM. Maybe that is something for later when the last broadcast station has left the waves for the internet. There is one exception to the rule though. I bought the MULTIPSK decoder a few months ago, and occasionally I like to keep it running on 14230 kHz to see if I can catch some SSTV DX. It is probably all about the instant satisfaction of receiving a nice picture.

One June 9th conditions allowed me to make my first Transatlantic SSTV catch: VE2JWC from St. Jerome, Quebec Canada. Cute detail is that the picture shows the QTH of the station.

SSTV_RX 2023-06-09 02h44m33s
My first Transatlantic SSTV reception was VE2JCW from St. Jerome, Quebec

And on June 10th I also received stations from New Hampshire and Wisconsin. Nothing spectacular probably for the seasoned radio amateur, but a first for me!

SSTV_RX 2023-06-10 00h41m56s
N1DOU, from Barnstead, New Hampshire
SSTV_RX 2023-06-10 23h00m02s
W1QC from Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin

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