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My name is Peter Reuderink. I got into DX-ing – listening to remote radio stations – in 1979, when I was 17 years old. Those were the days we were experimenting with illegal 3-meter homemade transmitters with which you could connect with classmates after school. Mind you, we had no mobile phones, no internet, let alone WhatsApp or something in those days!
Fortunately I never got caught by the police. What did catch me though was the radio virus… because what else was there to be heard on the radio bands???
I confiscated the obsolete family radio, a Nordmende Traviata, with all these remote locations on the dial… and so it started!

My first receiver, a Nordmende Traviata, of course with radio tubes. Note that frequencies run in the opposite direction – from right to left on the dial- as everyone was still in “meters” not in “Hz”. Most of the stations indicated on the mediumwave band have meanwhile discontinued operations.

The first QSLs came in, Radio Sweden, Radio Praha, and unbelievable, my third QSL was from remote Ecuador: HCJB!

Family life, work, other hobbies resulted in less hours spent behind the receiver in the new millenium. But after I retired from work in November 2022 that radio virus got me again. Obviously, a lot has changed. Tropical wave bands are almost empty these days and the dominant language on the short wave bands seems to be Chinese. But there are new opportunities as well. With major broadcasters leaving medium wave, smaller stations can be heard. And then there is SDR… (and a lot of “computer mumbo jumbo” to be learned).
Lot’s of new worlds to explore! Interested? Join me on my journey via this blog!

The “shack” in 1992. With my Grundig Satellit 3400, and my new JRC NRD535 (still in operation!). Note the pennants… those were the days!