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QSL TWR Roumoules 1467 kHz

The transmitter site at Roumoules is owned by Monaco Media Diffusion. Located in France they are among the most powerful in the world. The 2000 kW long wave transmitter on 216 kHz went silent however in 2020 when Radio Monte Carlo decided to focus on FM and internet only. The 1000 kW transmitter on mediumwave is still in use by TWR (Trans World Radio). For my reception report I received this nice QSL TWR Roumoules 1467 kHz.

e- QSL from Trans World Radio, Roumoules, France
e- QSL card from TWR broadcasting from France

I listened to a program in the Arab language (which I don’t speak) and then it is difficult to pick up details. But then I heard the name of Brother Andrew mentioned a few times. Checking on Wikipedia I learned that he was a Dutch missionary. For his activities in smuggling bibles and christian literature into communist countries during the Cold War he earned the nickname “God’s Smuggler”. So even if you don’t understand a language, you can still learn something in this hobby!

QSL Atlantic 2000 International via Channel 292

I received this e- QSL from Atlantic 2000 International for my reception of their program transmitted via Channel 292, Rohrbach-Waal, Germany. What I like about their program is the music selection which also features French popular music. When I was young we heard much more French chansons on the radio…

QSL Atlantic 2000 international via Ch. 292
e- QSL from Atlantic 2000 International, broadcasting via Channel 292

With the e-QSL I also received some information in French about this station which has a 45 year old history. About as long as my own radio/DX-ing career! I took the liberty to translate some of it here:

After broadcasting on FM from 1978 to 1982, Atlantic 2000 International was heard for the first time on shortwave on June 6, 1982, on 7325 kHz. The following shows aired monthly until July 1988 with 25 and 30 W transmitters.

After more than 19 years of absence, Atlantic 2000 returned to the airwaves on October 28, 2007, on 6280 and 6210 kHz.

From 2008 to 2010, Atlantic 2000 broadcast its programs from Italy, on the transmitters of Mystery Radio, then Radio Amica.

From December 2010, our programs were broadcast from Germany by
different relay stations:

  • on 3985, 6005 and 7310 kHz via Shortwave Service at Kall-Krekel (12/2010 to 02/2017)
  • on 9480, then 9485 and 7265 kHz via MV Baltic Radio in Göhren (10/2011 to 01/2016)
  • on 3955, 6070, 7440 and 9670 kHz via Channel 292 at Rohrbach Waal.
  • In July 2016 and January 2018, Atlantic 2000 was relayed by the WINB transmitter, located at Red Lion in the USA, on the frequency of 9265 kHz, with a power of 50 kW.
  • In 2021, several shows were aired by Radio Miami International (WRMI)
    from Okeechobee in Florida (USA), with a power of 100 kW.

On their website you can learn that the name Atlantic 2000 is much older than 45 years. That name belonged to a station broadcasting from San Sebastian to the French Atlantic Coast, with roots going back to Radio Andorra (which will be a topic of my next post). Following the death of dictator Franco this station was closed in 1975 by the Spanish government. The FM broadcasts from the French Atlantic coast starting in 1978 were a tribute to this station.

Having sent my report I should be informed about future broadcasts, which I will post accordingly on this blog. Stay tuned!

QSL KBS World Radio 5950 kHz

KBS World Radio is the International Service of the Korean Broadcasting System for South Korea. Via the Issoudun transmitter in France I received a program for the “amis francophone” with pop music from South Korea.
Getting a QSL is an easy but a bit unpersonal “do it yourself” service via a webform on the KBS World Radio website.

QSL Korean Broadcasting System World Radio
QSL KBS World Radio via Issoudun (France)

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