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Radio Taiwan test transmissions

Liebe Hörerinnen und Hörer,

Radio Taiwan International plant auch in diesem Jahr Ausstrahlungen des deutschsprachigen Programms von der Sendeanlage in Tamsui.
RTI strahlt dafür am Samstag, 6. Juli, jeweils 10-minütige Testsendungen zu folgenden Zeiten und Frequenzen aus:

Testsendungen: am 06. Juli 2024 (Samstag)

11995 kHz (17:00-17:10 UTC)
9545 kHz (17:30-17:40 UTC)
7250 kHz (17:45-17:55 UTC)

Wir bitten Sie, die Testsendungen zu beobachten und RTI Ihre Empfangsbeobachtungen mitzuteilen: E-Mail:

Aus den oben genannten 3 Frequenzen werden 2 Frequenzen für die Direktausstrahlungen ausgewählt. 

Offizielle Sendetermine:

(Eine halbe Stunde auf einer Frequenz von 17:00-17:30 Uhr UTC, eine halbe Stunde auf der zweiten Frequenz von 17:30-18:00 Uhr UTC):
12.07. (Freitag), 13.07. (Samstag), 14.07. (Sonntag)
19.07. (Freitag), 20.07. (Samstag), 21.07. (Sonntag)
26.07. (Freitag), 27.07. (Samstag), 28.07. (Sonntag)
02.08. (Freitag), 03.08. (Samstag), 04.08. (Sonntag)

weitere Informationen und Ankündigen:

Mit freundlichen Grüßen 
Ihre RTI-Redaktion

QSL Radio Logos, Foggia 97.3 MHz

While it is nice to receive one of the frequencies of a network broadcaster, receiving a standalone local station has its own appeal. Radio Logos operates a 10 kW transmitter on 97.3 MHz from Foggia, near the Adriatic coast in southern Italy. I love their “old school” logo!

Email to QSL my reception of Radio Logos, Foggia, Italy.

Radio Logos is a religious broadcaster, related to the “Chiese Cristiane Evangeliche” in Italy. I sent my report to , and Eliseo Falla was so kind to answer within a day. The reply is personal but not very detailed.

The Radio Logos transmitting facilities in Foggia.
Apparently the antenna tower is an old construction crane.

Special Anniversary QSL Atlantic 2000

Announcement from Atlantic 2000:

Atlantic 2000 international was for the first time on shortwave the 6th of June 1982. This month, we are forty-two years old!

For this event, we will broadcast our special anniversary show this Saturday, June 8th, from 08:00 to 09:00 UTC, 

on 6070 and 9670 kHz via Channel 292, and online on our website.
If you want to receive our special eQSL, send a really detailed reception report to: atlantic2000international[at]

Good listening!

Visit our website and listen to Atlantic 2000:

QSL Atlantic 2000 international via Ch. 292
e- QSL from Atlantic 2000 International, broadcasting via Channel 292

LA music lovers: Isle of music on air this weekend

From the Isle of Music, June 2024

On June 8, 2024, we will feature music from the winning albums in the Fusión Alternativa (“No me formes crisis by Toques del Río) and Nueva Trova plus Notas Discográficas (“Universos” by Tony Ávila y Su Grupo) categories of Cubadisco 2024

Times & Frequencies are:

1700-1800 UTC 9670 kHz with beam E-F towards South Asia

1900-2000 UTC 3955 & 6070 kHz (omnidirectional for Europe and beyond)

2300-2400 UTC 3955 kHz (omnidirectional for Europe and beyond)

All transmissions from Channel 292, Rohrbach, Germany

We will honor reception reports with an eQSL using websdrs IF
1.  The entire hour is reported
2.. Which websdr is clearly specified. 
This will be strictly enforced beginning this month; reports for just a few minutes of the show will be acknowledged with a short note of thanks instead. 


William “Bill” Tilford, Owner/Producer
Tilford Productions, LLC
809 S. 20th ST
Lafayette, IN 47905-1551
phone: 312.351.2330

Sporadic E conditions… finally!

I was already checking the FM band almost every day to see if there were some Sporadic E (Es) conditions. On the FM list site I saw some colleagues making receptions from the Baltic a few days ago. But I didn’t receive a thing. Unfortunately in that direction my view is blocked by an apartment building. Between South East and West however I do have a relatively clean line of sight. But many of you know how it is: you start to doubt your set-up and coax connections if nothing materializes.

Yesterday afternoon the FM band almost exploded however. From 1400 h UTC I heard multiple stations. Initially from Algeria and Tunisia, towards the evening from Italy. I still have to browse through my recordings on the Elad FDM S3 (the first time that I tried to make 24 MHz full band width recordings) and see how that worked out. But below you can see what I already logged in parallel on the ICOM R8600. The antenna is a 5 elements Yagi at 7 meters.

Only problem is that in Italy many stations have multiple locations on the same frequency. So I guess that my receptions from Northern Italy are in fact from locations a little bit more to the centre of Italy around Rome. This makes more sense for a single hop. But I’m learning as I go.

Es logs on June 2nd, 2024.

87.6 ALG Radio Laghouat
88.2 ALG Chaîne 2
88.5 I RAI Radio1
87.5 I Radio Maria
87.6 ALG Chaîne 3
88.3 E COPE
88.4 I RTL 102.5
88.0 TUN Radio Zitouna FM
89.1 I RAI Radio1
88.6 I Radio Radicale
95.1 I Radio Maria
101.9 I Dimensione Suono Roma
107.3 I Radio Radicale
92.0 I Radio Kiss Kiss
91.8 I RDS
105.1 I Radio Kiss Kiss
94.6 I RAI Radio1

Uncle Bill’s Melting Pot on air May 18th

Uncle Bill’s Melting Pot, May 2024

This month, our guests are

1. Clay Ross, leader of the American Patchwork Quartet, an excellent multiethnic fusion project (including Falu, a previous guest on this show) sharing some of their debut album by the same name.

2. Eugene Pao in Hong Kong, China’s foremost jazz guitarist, with some of his most recent release which includes guest trumpeter Randy Brecker.

Times and frequencies for May 18, 2024 are
0900-1000 UTC 9670 kHz with beam D (Eastern Europe and Eurasia)
1900-2000 UTC 3955 and 6070 kHz (omnidirectional)
All on Channel 292 from Rohrbach, Germany.

Additionally, On May 18, 2300-2400 UTC, we are doing a test broadcast of the last From the Isle of Music on 3955 and 9670
On May 19, 2300-2400 UTC, we are doing a test repeat broadcast of the Uncle Bill’s Melting Pot on 3955 and 9670


William “Bill” Tilford, Owner/Producer
Tilford Productions, LLC
809 S. 20th ST
Lafayette, IN 47905-1551

Atlantic 2000 on air 17th May

Atlantic 2000 will be on the air on Friday, 17th of May 2024 from 19:00 to 20:00 UTC (21:00 to 22:00 CEST) on 3955 and 6070 kHz with the courtesy of Channel 292.
Streams will be available at the same time here:

Reports to:

Before that, you can listen to our 24/7 webstream or our podcasts on our website.
Good listening!

Visit our website and listen to Atlantic 2000:

SWL contest 2024

SWL contest 2024

For those of you who like a challenge during summer, even if only for the rainy days, please take a look at the SWL contest 2024 rules. It is the 2nd time that Frank – SWL F14368 – organizes the event, the previous one was in 2023.

In this challenge your goal is to receive as many radio stations in each of the SW bands during the months June, July, August. So you can for example log the BBC in each of these bands. Stations like CNR1, CNR2, CNR13 count as different stations. And this time pirate stations are also allowed. e-Awards will sent to participants: Bronze (0-49 stations), Silver (50+), Gold (100+) and Platinum (200+).

You should send your list before September 9th to . For more info about contest rules, how to format and submit your loggings, as well as frequency lists etcetera can be found here: SWL contest 2024 rules.

I’m planning to participate and might post regular updates on my own progress over the summer. Happy hunting!


Aurora seen at my QTH, May 5th, 2024 at 23:00 LT, it wasn’t even completely dark…

A massive geomagnetic storm, reportedly the most severe one since 2005, resulted in nice aurora sightings… The picture above is taken from my antenna location in Woerden (JO22kc) with a simple iPhone camera.

It does mean that I’m a little bit in the “Dog Days” for DX… With sunny skies and thus solar panel QRM pretty much killing off MF/HF during the day, Aurora shutting down MF at night, and no sign of Sporadic E yet “radio life” is pretty dull.

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