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QSL Zender Akenzo 5845 kHz

Dark clouds are gathering on this e-QSL from Zender Akenzo 5845 kHz. Not sure if there is a connection with the three lightning bolts…

e-QSL from Zender Akenzo, a Free Radio station from The Netherlands

Radio Akenzo is a Free Radio station on the 48 meter band. I sent my report to .

QSL Weekend Music Radio 6295 kHz

A 21 (!) page PDF file served as a QSL from Weekend Music Radio 6295 kHz. Including a fully detailed QSL card, legacy QSL cards, and lots of background information and photo’s from Weekend Music Radio.

e QSL from Weekend Music Radio, Scotland
Not sure if this meets my “safety at work” standards…
Jack admits that the studio requires some cleaning and organizing
Legacy QSL card from Weekend Music Radio

QSL Radio Blackstone Int. 6270 kHz

The eQSL from Radio Blackstone International on 6270 kHz is very appealing. One of the nicest in my collection now. Thank you Herman!

QSL Free Radio Blackstone International
e QSL from Radio Blackstone International 6270 kHz

Radio Blackstone International is a Free Radio station that is irregularly in the air on short wave. Herman uses home made tube transmitters, or vintage army transmitters. For the transmission that I received on 6270 kHz a Telefunken T400 transmitter from 1958 was used.
Radio Blackstone International is located in the province of Drenthe, The Netherlands. I sent my report to Herman is also operating as “Zeewolf” on mediumwave.

QSL Golden Oldies Radio 5835 kHz

I received a nice QSL letter for my reception of Golden Oldies Radio on 5835 kHz. I sent my report to

From the QSL letter: Every sunday morning -in winter time- Golden Oldies Radio is live on air @ 5835 AM from 8.00 till 14.00 CET by Dutch Relay Service, and 24/7 @ internet-radio: . Programs are presented in dutch language and mainly directed to the Netherlands and Belgium. Golden oldies Radio is in the spirit of former offshore radio station Mi Amigo!

The three DJ’s of the sunday show of Golden Oldies Radio

QSL Radio Mexico 6285 kHz

e QSL from Radio Mexico 6285 kHz. A Free Radio station from North West Germany. I sent my report to Mexico1955 (at) . Operator Georg has built the transmitter himself using circuit boards from Greece. The transmitter has an output of 350W (200 W PEP).

e QSL Radio Mexico

QSL Radio Igloo 4975 kHz

QSL Radio Igloo - West Coast DX Club
QSL from Radio Igloo and the West Coast DX Club, Sweden

Radio Igloo was on air last weekend (and I told you so!). This time from Europe (my previous QSL was for a reception via WRMI). On Saturday, November 11th, they were present on three frequencies via three different Free Radio stations. I managed to pick up the one on 4975 kHz, but only the first 30 minutes. Conditions were poor and I suffered a lot of QRN on my holiday location in Exloo, which didn’t help either.

A day later I heard them on 6375 kHz (which was the only frequency they used that day). Fortunately quality was much better this time, and I could listen to the entire show which featured a nice selection of music, mainly picked by participants on the Westcoast DX Club event that was held at the same time. They were together 25 km North East of Gothenburg, Sweden, with some nice antennas, including a 300 m long Beverage. You can see the expedition on the QSL – I’ve been on many DX weekends, but never one where the beds were directly behind the receiver 😉!

According to Shortwave DX blog, the 4975 kHz transmission was via Free Radio Akenzo, and the 6375 kHz via Radio Mexico. I sent my report to

QSL Del Tracks 6270 kHz

I received an email to QSL Del Tracks (sometimes referred to as Deltracks) on 6270 kHz. Del Tracks is a Free Radio station from The Netherlands. I heard them last weekend with the slogan “Del Tracks, your Classic Rock Station! Do you remember where you were in 1984?” I sent my report to .

Email QSL Free Radio Del Tracks 6270 kHz

Radio Baken 16 on 6385 kHz

Last weekend I received Baken 16 (Dutch for Beacon 16) on 6385 kHz. This Free Radio station is named after the popular program “Baken 16” which was broadcast by Radio Mi Amigo on weekdays, lunch time, from August 1976 unit October 1978. The program was presented by Marc Jacobs. In 1979 the show featured on Radio Caroline for a few months (source: Radiopedia).

There is a nice nostalgic video on YouTube with fragments from the 500th Baken 16 show.

As a Free Radio station from The Netherlands the name Baken 16 lives on. The transmitter is a Rohde & Schwarz SK010 (100W) connected to an inverted V.

QSL Radio Delta, Elburg 6060 kHz

While busy processing IQ.wav recordings for CLE-297 of the NDB list group, I enjoyed listening to Radio Delta. Within a day I received this e- QSL Radio Delta, Elburg, The Netherlands, 6060 kHz.

Radio Delta is on the air weekends on 6060 and 12075 kHz. Check their website for the latest schedule. Not only their website is pretty nice, but they can also be very proud of their studio! Professional! On 6060 they featured a program “Radio Delta goes DX”, reading listeners reports from all over Europe. Their signal is certainly strong enough!

QSL Radio Delta 6060 kHz
e- QSL Radio Delta, Elburg, The Netherlands

QSL Piepzender Zwolle 7405 kHz

Radio Piepzender (Peep-sender) is a station that can be heard in the 41 m band during the weekend. The station is also testing on various other bands, but as far as I know there is no regular schedule.

Email QSL from Radio Piepzender, 7405 kHz, Zwolle, The Netherlands

I got this email for my reception report of their transmission on 7405 kHz. As you can see power is 150 watts. The transmitters of Piepzender are quite impressive: robust Rohde and Schwarz.

Stationmanager Henri asked me to make it explicit that reception reports should go to Other email addresses are not monitored anymore.

You can also get a paper QSL if you send 5 Euro to:

PO Box 2702
The Netherlands

Impressive Rohde & Schwarz transmitters of Radio Piepzender, Zwolle

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