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QSL NDB PIS-424 Pisarovina / Zagreb

Still a little bit of catch-up to do. Mr Boris Mrkonja at Croatia Control, Zagreb, was so kind to QSL NDB PIS-424 located near Pisarovina for Zagreb Airport.

This NDB (Non Directional Beacon) was among one of the first beacons that I received after installing my NTi Megaloop FX antenna a few months ago. As I had never received a beacon from Croatia I was really happy with this result: apparently with my new receiver and antenna it was still possible to do some NDB DX. This beacon is located 1078 km from my QTH. I made my reception “by ear”, so without the use of the wonderful Pskov software I recently installed. So give it a try, this beacon is often really strong and easy to receive!

QSL NDB PIS-424 Pisarovina, Croatia
Email to QSL NDB PIS-424 Pisarovina, Croatia

QSL NDB CE-372 and OSJ-422 Osijek Airport

Croatian Airspace is divided over 6 Regional ATC centres, part of Croatia Control. I have had some success in getting QSLs from the Regional Centres. Mr. Gadzic from the Osijek Regional centre was so kind to return a QSL for NDB CE-372 (Osijek/Cepin) and NDB OSJ-422 (Osijek Airport).

QSL for NDB CE-372 and OSJ-422 at Osijek Airport, Croatia
QSL for NDB CE-372 and OSJ-422 at Osijek Airport

For who is interested, attached find some details about the Navaids at Osijek Airport.

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