A list of other blogs that I like to follow as they inspire and provide lots of useful info. But before I do I want to draw attention to the Benelux DX Club. For only 5 Euro’s a year you can become part of the Dutch DX-ing community that exists for over 60 years!

Hugo’s DX Hoekje
I like this blog because Hugo seems to bit on the same vibe as I am… everything, AM, Utility, Pirates… as long as it is radio he loves it! And yes I envy him for his beautiful antenna park… I don’t see myself realizing something like that where I live.

Arild’s DX Diary
Arild’s blog is from Scandinavia… and this is a bit the Walhalla for DX. Walhalla is a Scandinavian word, but given long winter nights, grey zone propagation and low noise in the rural areas, it is truly DX-ers heaven. I like to follow Arild, knowing that what he can receive is often out of reach, but then again… you never know!

Maresme DX
A blog by Artur from Catalunya. Now first of all, who doesn’t like Catalunya? In the late 80-ies I visited Barcelona for the first time and fell in love. Nice blog with lots of QSL pictures to get you motivated, but with additional info (logs) as well. The blog is in Catalan (no not in Spanish!), but one click and Google will translate this easily!

Ydun’s Medium Wave Info
By Ydun Ritz from Vojens in Denmark. Don’t know how she pulls it off, but she manages to keep the information flowing, sometimes through multiple posts per day. And she still finds the time to catch some beautiful DX!

Shortwave DX blog
This is one of best blogs specialized in Free Radio. Every day “UK DXer” reports what was received. So if you made an SDR recording of the “48 meter” band in the weekend, it is quite easy to see what you missed. On top of that there is quite an address database to be found on this site, and more…

Kurzwellen Radio
Franz Bleeker is running this blog, really focusing on news about shortwave. So if you want to stay in touch with new stations, new programs, celebration transmissions… this is a site you should visit regularly! If the link doesn’t work, this might be an alternative.

Claudio Tagliabue is listening to the radio since 1975. And covers everything, even HAM, though his focus seems to be traditional DX, including Utility, and with a special page on NDB DXing.

DX Fanzine
Not a blog, but a magazine… And a good one! Antonello Napolitano is the editor. Every serious DX-er can become a member, which is most easily done via the Facebook page.

Andree Bollins QSL Seiten
I like this site because it shows many QSLs I received in the past… and many that I would have liked to get, but never did. But Andree’s collection is not only a trip “down memory lane” as he still adds new QSLs to the collection.

Radio, DX y DXP by Juan Antonio Aranz
Juan is a pretty active DX-er and on the basis of his QSLs he has a wide interest, ranging from utility to FM DX.