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SWL contest 2024

SWL contest 2024

For those of you who like a challenge during summer, even if only for the rainy days, please take a look at the SWL contest 2024 rules. It is the 2nd time that Frank – SWL F14368 – organizes the event, the previous one was in 2023.

In this challenge your goal is to receive as many radio stations in each of the SW bands during the months June, July, August. So you can for example log the BBC in each of these bands. Stations like CNR1, CNR2, CNR13 count as different stations. And this time pirate stations are also allowed. e-Awards will sent to participants: Bronze (0-49 stations), Silver (50+), Gold (100+) and Platinum (200+).

You should send your list before September 9th to . For more info about contest rules, how to format and submit your loggings, as well as frequency lists etcetera can be found here: SWL contest 2024 rules.

I’m planning to participate and might post regular updates on my own progress over the summer. Happy hunting!


  1. Md.Jahangir Alam

    I am Bangladeshi Dxer
    I am Md Jahangir Alam. An international audience from Rajshahi region.
    Participated in various international radio reception reports, DX content etc. We are interested in this competition

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