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QSL NDBs KUS-343 Kaunas and AVN-385 Vilnius

There are three NDBs (Non Directional Beacons) active in Lithuania. Earlier I got a QSL for my reception of the beacon PN-407 in Palanga. During last weeks “SQUEEZE 100” event I received the other two.

Mr. Malinauskas from Oro Navigacija was so kind to send me an email as QSL for NDBs KUS-343 in Kaunas and AVN-385 in Vilnius.

Email from Oro Navigacija confirming NDB KUS-343 and NDB AVN-385


  1. Josef Mrkvička

    Hi Peter. Very nice site. I’m just starting to listen to the radio. Greetings from the Czech Republic.

    • Peter Reuderink

      Thank you Josef. And I wish you success with your new hobby!

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