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QSL CBEF 1550 “La Première” Windsor

A QSL CBEF 1550 “La Première” from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Thanks to Hugo Matten! I sent a report to twice. But twice all I got back was an acknowledgement by a CBEF employee that my email was received, and my request forwarded to the responsible team…. and that was all.

Hugo however got a direct reply from Mihai Bulgaru, Supervisor Transmission. So my third email went directly to Mihai. And yes he was so kind to reply to me as well, even referring to Hugo’s report:

Mihai included two nice photo’s of the station and transmitter site as well:

CBEF 1550 “La Première”, Windsor, Ontario

A big thanks to Mihai for the confirmation, and thanks to Hugo for sharing his QSL!


  1. Ruud Vos

    I was lucky to get a QSL by snail mail, that was about 10 years ago

    • Peter Reuderink

      Yes, times are changing Ruud, but it is what it is. Bought myself a stack of Canadian and US stamps for return postage. Already got one “snail mail” PPC back from CJYE.

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