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QSL CBEF 1550 “La Première” Windsor

A QSL CBEF 1550 “La Première” from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Thanks to Hugo Matten! I sent a report to twice. But twice all I got back was an acknowledgement by a CBEF employee that my email was received, and my request forwarded to the responsible team…. and that was all.

Hugo however got a direct reply from Mihai Bulgaru, Supervisor Transmission. So my third email went directly to Mihai. And yes he was so kind to reply to me as well, even referring to Hugo’s report:

Mihai included two nice photo’s of the station and transmitter site as well:

CBEF 1550 “La Première”, Windsor, Ontario

A big thanks to Mihai for the confirmation, and thanks to Hugo for sharing his QSL!

QSL CBI Sydney 1140 kHz

UPDATE!: Earlier I wrote about my recently received QSL for my reception of CBI Sydney on 1140 kHz. In addition to my email (not knowing if it would be answered) I also filled in a web form on the CBC site. Pat from CBC Client Services was so kind to return a detailed email confirming my reception.

I got quite a bit of information about the program I listened to. It was called “Unreserved”. It is a platform for the voice of the indigenous voices of the people in Canada. That also explained why the nice music I listened to was not the usual country or “middle-of-the road” style.

Pat explained that QSL cards were sent in the past. An example from CBW Manitoba 990 kHz was attached. While thanking Pat for taking the time to provide all this nice feedback I also suggested the use of an e-QSL card. It would have taken less time! We DX-ers are usually not part of the target audience of the stations we receive. But I do believe it is important that, as a community, radio stations make a little investment to connect with listeners that tune in to the radio from a more technical perspective. Even if it was only to interest talent for technical careers in support of their stations.

Email QSL from CBC
No, not a QSL for CBW Manitoba, but an example from “the old days”

QSL CBI Sydney 1140 kHz

Let me start with saying that receiving stations from Canada is always special for me. I lived 4 years in Edmonton, Alberta with my family. My (then 8 year old) son learned to play hockey in those years and is still playing hockey (I always have to say “ice hockey” back in Europe 😉) and my wife became a hockey-mum and is still watching NHL plays of the Edmonton Oilers at night. #97 Connor McDavid is our hero! So I really liked listening to CBI with the CBC One program from Sydney on 1140 kHz.

Better enjoy it while it lasts as they are planning to move to “FM only”. Fortuntaely, as FM coverage is a concern they are still in the air on 1140 kHz. Good for us DX-ers! I have to admit that when we lived in Canada we relied heavily on satellite radio services like Sirius XM given the distances we traveled through sparsely populated areas.

As CBI is one of the trans-Atlantic stations that are easier to receive I was surprised to find out that I did not have a QSL in my possession from my early days as a DX-er. So I was very pleased that Meredith Dellandrea replied to my email to confirm my reception report.

Email QSL for CBC One/Nova Scotia on 1140 kHz

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