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QSL NDB IZA-394 Ibiza

Via Enaire, the air navigation and aeronautical information service provider in Spain, I got a QSL for NDB IZA-394 Ibiza. This radio beacon is located in Santa Eulalia del Rio on the island of Ibiza. It serves as approach beacon for the airport of Ibiza, and take off beacon for the airports of Menorca and Palma de Mallorca. The transmitter is a Marconi SS 2000A with 200W output power. The Antenna is a “T” as you can see on the picture they so kindly provided:

Technical Info NDB IZA-394 kHz Santa Eulalia, Ibiza


  1. Ewald

    Dear Peter,

    A friend has drawn my attention to yo your fine hobby site.
    Very well made, Congratulations!

    I would have a question; what is the address you have used for the Spanish NDBs?
    Everything was done by email, right?

    Thanks in advance for your reply and best of 73s from the Costa del Sol.

    • Peter Reuderink

      Hi Ewald, thanks for the interest in my site.
      I sent my reports to . Reply came after a few weeks if I remember well. Not sure if they always respond, a few weeks ago I sent a report for NDB ADX Mallorca, but no answer to date.
      Kind regards.

      • Ewald

        Many thanks Peter.
        73 and HNY 2024,

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