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QSL Kilrock 1287 kHz

Kilrock is a low power medium wave station (LPAM) operating from the village of ‘s Gravendeel, southwest of the city of Dordrecht, the Netherlands. The village is located on the banks of the tidal river “Dordtsche Kil”. So now you know where the station name comes from.
But Kilrock also sounds like Kilroy. “Kilroy was here” was graffiti drawn by American troops in World War II. The text was often accompanied by a man looking over a wall… as in the Kilrock QSL, which is one of my favourites.

QSL Kilrock AM 1287 kHz

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  1. Michael

    57 (ruim 36 dB boven de ruisvloer) op mijn 3/4 lambda 20m- verticaaltje. Een prima signaal hier in Rotjeknor. 73!

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