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Kilrock is installing a new antenna

Kilrock is installing an new antenna. The previous one went down in a storm. I’m a fan of this station because of their choice of music. They also have one of the nicest e-QSL cards you can get! The You-Tube video gives you a pretty good idea about the LPAM (low power AM) scene in the Netherlands… I’m told they hope that their antenna is up and running by Easter. All is “weather prevailing”. And as a cyclist I can tell you weather hasn’t been much in the last weeks even though it is supposed to be spring.
Anyway for you radio enthusiasts in Europe, you should have better opportunities to receive this nice station from ‘s Gravendeel on 1287 AM!

QSL Kilrock AM, 1287 kHz, ‘s Gravendeel, The Netherlands

QSL Kilrock 1287 kHz

Kilrock is a low power medium wave station (LPAM) operating from the village of ‘s Gravendeel, southwest of the city of Dordrecht, the Netherlands. The village is located on the banks of the tidal river “Dordtsche Kil”. So now you know where the station name comes from.
But Kilrock also sounds like Kilroy. “Kilroy was here” was graffiti drawn by American troops in World War II. The text was often accompanied by a man looking over a wall… as in the Kilrock QSL, which is one of my favourites.

QSL Kilrock AM 1287 kHz

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