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QSL Nemzetiségi Rádió 1350 kHz

Yesterday I posted the e-QSL from Dankó Rádió. The other thematic Hungarian radiostation broadcasting on mediumwave is Nemzetiségi Rádió. The name translates as “Nationality Radio”. This station offers programmes to the etnic minorities, or maybe better said, language minorities in Hungary. And there are quite a few of those: Armenian, Bulgarian, German, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovakian, Ukranian and two Roma languages Lovári und Beás.

Nemzetiségi Rádió has transmitters on 873 kHz (20 kW, 2 locations), 1188 kHz (300/100 kW). But my report from December last year is for the weakest of the bunch, the 5 kW transmitter in Györ. And that’s nice because I visited this city while on a bicycling tour with my girlfriend (still my wife 😘) years ago in 1986. Our first 3 week cycling tour outside the Benelux. To travel beyond the “iron curtain” in those days, on a bicycle with camping gear, was not as common as bikepackers today might think. My wife and I share fond memories of that adventure!

As with Dankó Rádió I got my e-QSL with a report to, signed by Mr. Ivan Kovacs.

QSL from MTVA Hungary Nemzetisegi Radio
QSL Nemzetisegi Radio 1350 kHz

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  1. Don Roberto

    Györ is a very nice town indeed with a little tourist train and a good Spar supermarket and a Rossman drougstore.

    this frequency is received very well in Germany during afternoon and even daytime, as it is very close to the border with Austria. only at night, after MR4 goes off, this channel is occupied by Italian LPAM.

    last night, 1188 was active around mitnight with empty carrier and test tone by the way. this is very unique to catch and it happens every time around mid January. I did manage to catch this by chance the second year in a row, which gives the one in a million chance to receive a QSL for only ONE of the 1188 network transmitter locations.

    I also used to listen the Ungarndeutche show each day from 10 to 12 German time but of course, in summer months during bad AM conditions, this airtime is very uncofortable to listen abroad. evening would be better.

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