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QSL Radio SeaBreeze 1395 kHz

These days most stations respond to reception reports with an email or – if you are lucky – an e-QSL. But Radio SeaBreeze is “old school”. For my reception report to I received this very nice QSL card by traditional mail.

Radio SeaBreeze is one of the Dutch Low Power AM (LPAM) stations in the Netherlands. They broadcast on 1395 kHz from the village of Grou in the province of Friesland with 100 Watt. What I like about the station is that they have plenty live programs (that is with a DJ). Some of the other LPAM stations just play non-stop music from a computer. I don’t understand the fun of that to be honest.

SeaBreeze is also planning to start broadcasting with 50 Watt on 1098 kHz from the village of Laren in North Holland. At the time of writing I don’t know if they are already in the air. I will check, and provide updates accordingly!

A traditional QSL card is sent by Radio SeaBreeze, Grou


  1. Marcel

    Hello Peter,

    Nice to read your article! Since last saturday (29 may) our transmitter in Laren on 1098 kHz is operational! The transmitter in Grou remains active on1395 kHz …

    Kind regards,


    • admin

      Hi Marcel,

      I was already on the lookout for this one for a while. Good that you managed to get it in the air. Just returned from a camping trip in Friesland where I only had shortwave gear with me. But I returned this evening and I can confirm that reception is very good at 20 h here in Woerden. SINPO 55455. I will monitor a little bit in the next couple of days and let you know later. Only thing you have to do is add 1098 to the jingle 😉

      73s, Peter Reuderink

  2. Peter Jenner

    Hi Marcel. I am Peter in Worcester city, central UK, the Midlands. picked you up last night althrough the night. sorry can’t give you a sinpo report, too many years away from radio to remember how to log sinpo but i can say the station was fairly readable on a 1980’s Sony 3 band portable reciever. there was fading of the signal in and out , a slow fade but i’d expect that with 100 watts. unfortunately the scale on the radio is out of calibration because radio caroline on 648 khz is reading closer to 700 khz and the scale indicated you were on around 1450 khz so i’m guessing i was on your 1395 slot. great music and i’ll continue listening ! .

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