Radio Carpathia is a program with music from Eastern Europe via Channel 292. For each broadcast 2 “paper” QSLs are awarded. The program maker Luca Trifan promised that as soon as the postal services restart in January (apparently they have days off in Romania) I will get a QSL by regular mail… so I guess I was lucky: let’s see! Address:

Luca also made me aware of the upcoming programs:
I invite you to tune in to the 125 kW Yule Marathon by RNEI & Friends on Monday, 25.12.2023 between 1400-1700 UTC on 5940 kHz from Woofferton, with the following schedule:

  • 1400 UTC: Mamma’s K-Drama
  • 1430 UTC: Radio Carpathia
  • 1500 UTC: RNEI 48
  • 1600 UTC: DK Radio
  • 1630 UTC: 16 Gwendoline Street

I broadcast on the third Sunday of every month at 1200 CET on 9670 kHz with a directional booster at azimuth 307.

e-QSL from Radio Carpathia via Channel 292