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QSLs Radio Carpathia

Nothing beats getting a real QSL card in your mailbox. Ideally with nice stamps on it. So getting two QSLs from Radio Carpathia made me very happy yesterday. Thank you Luca!

The first QSL was for the reception of a “regular” Radio Carpathia program via Channel 292.

The second QSL was for the reception of the Christmas special via Woofferton together with RNEI, Gwendoline Street and DK radio.

Radio Carpathia makes nice programs featuring a selection of contemporary music from East Europe. They are being broadcast via WRMI and Channel 292.


  1. F. Bleeker

    Real stuff.
    Quod erad demonstrandum, or something lke that.

  2. SWL Tobias, JN59

    Hi Peter,

    What a wonderful DX website…!

    If you like to explore Digimodes, other than NAVTEX, too, I’d like to recommend the weekly DL0BS Ham QTC, audible in MFSK32 on 3590 +750 Hz audio offset +/- QRM every Wednesday at 2100 CET / 2000z, broadcast by Rainer DF2NU near Munich. Should decode perfectly in Nederland, he runs 750 W HF. QSL is appreciated on air after the QTC around 2125/2025z in MFSK32 or MFSK16 or by mail. It is in German but should be easy to understand.
    wpuld be glad to see you calling in via FLdigi or MULTIPSK.

    • Peter Reuderink

      Thanks Tobias, and thank you for the tip. Time permitting I will definitely try to tune in.

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