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QSLs Radio Carpathia

Nothing beats getting a real QSL card in your mailbox. Ideally with nice stamps on it. So getting two QSLs from Radio Carpathia made me very happy yesterday. Thank you Luca!

The first QSL was for the reception of a “regular” Radio Carpathia program via Channel 292.

The second QSL was for the reception of the Christmas special via Woofferton together with RNEI, Gwendoline Street and DK radio.

Radio Carpathia makes nice programs featuring a selection of contemporary music from East Europe. They are being broadcast via WRMI and Channel 292.

QSL Yule Marathon RNEI & friends 5940 kHz

For the reception of the Yule Marathon on December 25th I received this QSL from RNEI (Radio Northern Europe International) & friends. The broadcast came from the 125 kW transmitter in Woofferton, United Kingdom.
I sent a report to Radio Carpathia via for their part of the program. A separate report was sent to RNEI as well, but I understand from their own website that they are at least 1 year behind in answering reports.

QSL 125 kW Yule Marathon by RNEI & Friends
QSL 125 kW Yule Marathon by RNEI & Friends

The 125 kW should have guaranteed excellent reception quality. Unfortunately the frequency planners at Woofferton had not foreseen that Radio Piepzender, a low power station from Zwolle, The Netherlands, would also use this frequency on a Monday (normally they are only active in the weekend). They were relaying Radio Experience. Shortly before the broadcast an email request was sent asking them to move to 6185 kHz. But that was not honored. And so the RNEI transmission was partly ruined by interference.

It is remarkable that Piepzender with their advertised 150 Watt could produce interference with a 125 kW station as far as Italy and Ukraine, so maybe their power output is a bit higher.

This is the final post of this year… see you back in 2024!

QSL Radio Carpathia via Channel 292

Radio Carpathia is a program with music from Eastern Europe via Channel 292. For each broadcast 2 “paper” QSLs are awarded. The program maker Luca Trifan promised that as soon as the postal services restart in January (apparently they have days off in Romania) I will get a QSL by regular mail… so I guess I was lucky: let’s see! Address:

Luca also made me aware of the upcoming programs:
I invite you to tune in to the 125 kW Yule Marathon by RNEI & Friends on Monday, 25.12.2023 between 1400-1700 UTC on 5940 kHz from Woofferton, with the following schedule:

  • 1400 UTC: Mamma’s K-Drama
  • 1430 UTC: Radio Carpathia
  • 1500 UTC: RNEI 48
  • 1600 UTC: DK Radio
  • 1630 UTC: 16 Gwendoline Street

I broadcast on the third Sunday of every month at 1200 CET on 9670 kHz with a directional booster at azimuth 307.

e-QSL from Radio Carpathia via Channel 292

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