Around the Christmas weekend there were quite a few producers who had their programs aired via stations like Channel 292 or for example Woofferton. I got his nice QSL from ABC Germany, via Channel 292 on 9670 kHz. I sent my report to .

QSL ABC Germany via Channel 292 Germany
e QSL ABC Germany via Channel 292 Germany

The QSL was accompanied with a long detailed email in Dutch from Detlev Reiermann, who was on the air with his DJ name “Det van Rijn”. Detlev grew up in Gronau, close to the border with The Netherlands, close to Enschede – a Free Radio hotspot in those days. As a teenager he worked as DJ in discotheques and hospital radio. And in this capacity he was asked in 1977 to produce a show for a local (Free Radio – I guess) – station. That show was called “ABC Germany”.

Detlev turned his hobby into his profession and worked as sound/video engineer for WDR and as assistant technical director for Deutschlandfunk. When he retired he decided to revive ABC Germany as a hobby. The show is presented in English, German and Dutch.

The next special ABC Germany program is scheduled for next Sunday, December 31st, from 13-15 h CET on 9670 kHz. Regular broadcasts as indicated on the QSL card.