A very original QSL card from VORW Radio

John Jurasek the program host of VORW Radio International sent me a very original e- QSL via vorwinfo@gmail.com. I heard them on 5950 kHz via WRMI, Okeechobee, USA.

VORW stands for “Voice Of the ReportoftheWeek”. “ReportoftheWeek” is a podcast on YouTube reviewing fast food, frozen meals and energy drinks. But what I heard on shortwave was a mix of pop music and a summary of reception reports received.

John also attached the latest schedule for VORW:

Main Broadcasts:
4840 kHz at 2 AM Eastern every Saturday Morning (New Show)
4840 kHz at 12 AM Eastern every Monday Morning (New Show)

Repeat Airings:
6115 kHz at 6 PM Eastern every Saturday Evening (Rebroadcast)
5950 kHz at 7 PM Eastern every Saturday Evening (Rebroadcast)
5950 kHz at 8 PM Eastern every Sunday Evening (Rebroadcast)
15770 kHz at 4 PM Eastern every Tuesday Afternoon (Rebroadcast)
15770 kHz at 12 PM Eastern every Thursday Afternoon (Rebroadcast)