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QSL WRMI Florida on 5050 kHz

I have QSLs from various program owners that had there programs broadcast via WRMI, Florida, USA. But until now I didn’t manage to QSL the station itself. I was worried my reception reception report of 5050 kHz in March this year would also remain unanswered. But today I got this beautiful postcard QSL. Definitely worth waiting for!

QSL Radio Miami International 5050 kHz
WRMI Florida sent a postcard QSL for my reception report
QSL Radio Miami International 5050 kHz

QSL VORW via WRMI 5950 kHz

A very original QSL card from VORW Radio

John Jurasek the program host of VORW Radio International sent me a very original e- QSL via I heard them on 5950 kHz via WRMI, Okeechobee, USA.

VORW stands for “Voice Of the ReportoftheWeek”. “ReportoftheWeek” is a podcast on YouTube reviewing fast food, frozen meals and energy drinks. But what I heard on shortwave was a mix of pop music and a summary of reception reports received.

John also attached the latest schedule for VORW:

Main Broadcasts:
4840 kHz at 2 AM Eastern every Saturday Morning (New Show)
4840 kHz at 12 AM Eastern every Monday Morning (New Show)

Repeat Airings:
6115 kHz at 6 PM Eastern every Saturday Evening (Rebroadcast)
5950 kHz at 7 PM Eastern every Saturday Evening (Rebroadcast)
5950 kHz at 8 PM Eastern every Sunday Evening (Rebroadcast)
15770 kHz at 4 PM Eastern every Tuesday Afternoon (Rebroadcast)
15770 kHz at 12 PM Eastern every Thursday Afternoon (Rebroadcast)

QSL Radio Igloo via WRMI 5950 kHz

I received a this nice e- QSL from Radio Igloo. Via WRMI 5950 kHz they brought a program about Britt Wadner, owner of offshore pirate Radio Syd. In 1962 Radio Syd was the successor of Skånes Radio Mercur, the first Swedish pirate station. The popularity of pirate radio is easily understood if you know that Swedish National Radio played a maximum of 60 minutes of recorded music a day, with only two or three “pop songs”.

QSL Radio Igloo via WRMI
QSL Radio Igloo via WRMI showing Britt Wadner and the radio ship.

Unfortunately for me Radio Igloo targeted North and South America from the WRMI location (Okeechobee, Florida, USA). In combination with some propagation disturbance that night it made it difficult for me to really understand the details of what was said about Britt Wadner and her ship. But the 60’s music was very enjoyable.

Hopefully there will be broadcasts targeted to the European audience in future, as happened in the past using a transmitter in Europe. Reports to are welcome. Please do specify not only technical details but let them know what you think of program content.

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