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Special QSL Radio Taiwan International 11995 kHz

Earlier I received a special QSL Radio Taiwan International on 11995 kHz for a report on the German program. Normally this program is broadcast from Kostinbrod in Bulgaria, but in July it was also transmitted from Tamsui, Taiwan.

In August the French program was in the air from Tamsui, also on 11995 kHz. For reports on this transmission another special QSL Radio Taiwan International was awarded. And again via regular mail! Throughout the year you can listen to their French program via the powerful transmitters in Issoudun, France or Kostinbrod, Bulgaria.

QSL Radio Taiwan Int. French service from Tamsui
Special QSL card for the French program of Radio Taiwan, directly from Tamsui, Taiwan


  1. F. Bleeker

    I think it’s “Tamsui”, not far to the north/northeast from Taipei and New Taipei.
    Coordinates: 25°11′10.10″N 121°24′59.35″E

    • Peter Reuderink

      Yes, you are right of course. Strange… I typed it correctly in the caption under the QSL, but twice wrong in the main texts of both posts… That’s what you get when you are dual tasking I guess, listening to a radio station and editing the web blog. Thanks for the correction!


      • F. Bleeker

        Can’t multitasking either & been told that only women can do this.
        I’m looking forward to the French program’s QSL; it’s still in the pipeline here.
        Oh, and “northeast” should have been “northwest” in my previous comment …

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