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QSL SAQ Grimeton UN-day

I received this e QSL from SAQ Grimeton, Sweden, for the reception of their UN-day transmission. The event took place on October 24th, at 15:00 UTC on the usual 17.2 kHz. I struggled to get a readable signal at my home QTH this time. So I used the Twente SDR as an alternative. Funny thing is that contrary to my expectations their previous transmission around noon mid summer resulted in a much better signal.

QSL SAQ Grimeton Sweden
e QSL from SAQ for UN-day 2023 transmission

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  1. Patrick

    Same conclusion here….the transmission last July was much better and one of the best I ever received.
    The last transmission in October was very weak and drifting a lot.
    Nevertheless always exciting to (try to) receive SAQ.
    73 !

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