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QSL NDB TY-384 Torsby Airport

Torsby is a small airport in Sweden, 1022 km from my home QTH. From here the Amapola company operates daily flights to Stockholm. Martin Berglund, Airport Manager pf Torsby Airport sent me an email QSL to confirm my reception of the local NDB TY on 384 kHz.

QSL NDB TY Torsby, Sweden on 384 kHz
Email to QSL NDB TY-384 Torsby, Sweden


  1. Patrick

    That Pskov is an amazing piece of software !
    I need to switch my PC to Windoze and try this in the coming months.
    At the moment only an indoor antenna, but improvement is on it’s way đŸ˜‰
    Happy NDB hunting !
    73, Patrick

    • Peter Reuderink

      It’s wonderful stuff Patrick!

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