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QSL Witte Tornado 1647 khz

I received this beautiful e QSL from station Witte Tornado (White Tornado) and Lady. A pirate station operating from Almelo, The Netherlands, on 1647 kHz. Operator Gerard informed me that they are on air every 2nd Sunday from 17:00 to 00:00 h local time.

If you want the email address, drop me a note via a comment on this mail.

QSL Witte Tornado and Lady 1647 kHz
QSL from Witte Tornado and Lady, a Dutch pirate station on 1647 kHz


  1. D. Sarkar


    Please give me e-mail of Radio “Witte Tornado”.

    Wish you Merry Christmas.
    thank you.

    • Gerard

      Oke hier dan de E-mail van de witte tornado, Almelo

    • Peter Reuderink

      Dear Mr. Sarkar,
      Ask you can see: Gerard from Witte Tornado was so kind to already reply = see above. I’ve also sent it through regular email to you.
      Kind Regards, Peter

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