Radio T-Pot is a low power AM station broadcasting from Gasselternijveen, a small village in the province of Drenthe, the Netherlands. I made my reception during a stay in the nearby village of Exloo, some 15 km south of Gasselternijveen. On my home QTH Radio Monique from Velsen is so dominant that it seems impossible to receive Radio T-Pot.
Radio T-Pot got his name as parody on the iPod. Note that T-Pot is pronounced as Theepot, which is Dutch for teapot, I guess it adds to the fun!
The station is on the air on weekdays between 12.30 to approx 20.30 local time, saturday/sunday from 9.00 to 21.30 h local time, according to their facebook page.
Below you can see the e-QSL I received accompanied by a friendly email from station manager Theo Postma via

QSL Radio T-Pot, Gasselternijveen, The Netherlands
QSL Radio T-Pot, a LPAM station from Gasselternijveen, the Netherlands