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QSL Radio Aktief 828 kHz

Radio Aktief is a LPAM station from Tilburg. With 50 Watt listed they have a little bit less power than most LPAMs that operate with 100 Watt. At 60 kilometers to the south of my QTH they are still a relatively easy catch. My guess is that last year Smooth Radio got in their way, otherwise I should have picked them up earlier. But Smooth has left AM…

Radio Aktief is built around a very enthusiastic club of technical people and DJs. RadioKidoki is an alternative station ID. They offer a great variety of music styles, so there is a big chance that you will hear something special. I listened to the “Full Experience Show” with a lot of alternative rock, sometimes almost psychedelic.

eQSL from Radio Aktief

I sent my report to . Within a day I received an email and eQSL, and yesterday I received a couple of nice flyers by “snail mail”.

Nice set of Radio Aktief flyers received by regular mail! Thank you!


  1. Ruud Vos


  2. Patrick

    Nice to see that when stations disappear from MW, others are surfacing.
    So it’s still interesting to scan the mediumwaves.
    As Tilburg is about 90 Kms away from me I’ll give it a go to capture Radio Actief on 828 kHz.
    And nice flyers indeed !

    • Peter Reuderink

      Thank you Patrick. And yes it is always nice to see something “physical” arriving in your letterbox!

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