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QSL Radio Z100 Milano 1350 kHz

I received a polite email as QSL Radio Z100 Milano 1350 kHz. The station operates with 1 kW from Villa Estense, a location near Milano, Italy. TWR Armenia is off air late in the evening, and Z100 came in quite strong, without interference. Apparently they also have a transmitter at 990 kHz, but here SER Bilbao is dominant.

QSL Radio Z100 Milano, Italy
QSL Radio Z100 Milano 1350 kHz


  1. Ian Donaldson


    Hi. Do you know the history of this station?
    Is it a throwback to the end of the war, when the Americans were stationed in the vicinity?
    A recording was sent to me overnight. Is it in the same category as Radio Channel 292, for instance?


    Ian Donaldson

    • admin

      Hi Ian, first of all thanks for your interest in my site!
      I do not have a lot of information on Z100 Milano. Their website for example is still under construction. As far as I know they are a serious music station in Milan, Italy based on the fact that they are accessible via various streaming services that you can find on the internet. Listening to their format, I heard ABC news, jingles like “Rock in America”, it could be that they relay programs from famous WHTZ New York, that also identifies as Z100. Radio 292 is very different as far as I know, and more or less a platform for other broadcasters, often with a pirate background.

  2. Joé Leyder

    I heard Radio Z100 today, January 10th at 1700 UTC with a clear station identification jingle, but no other spoken words. It was just music. When TWR Armenia was fading into the background, Z100 could be heard remarkably well. The jingle is more like “Zee one hundred” when I was expecting a more English pronunciation like “Zed one hundred”, I initially thought i’d heard “Bee one Hundred”.
    I also sent a reception report by email and am waiting for a reply. I listened via the Twente SDR.
    Take care and belated best wishes for 2024

    • Peter Reuderink

      Hi Joé, thanks for your interest in my site. I had exactly the same experience, but indeed iit is “Zee one hundred”. Best wishes to you as well, and GDDX!

  3. Frank from Amsterdam

    Fantastic 80’s r&b soul on Z100 Milano. Also via TwenteSDR. Bookmarked!

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