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QSL Port Said Radio 2187.5 kHz

A brief email to QSL Port Said Radio on 2187.5 kHz. I received the station in February acknowledging a DSC test message from a tanker Dilos anchored in Port Said Harbour. Initially I tried to reach out to the Port Said Harbour authorities via , but without success. Rob (IZEROCDM) at DX Fanzine was so kind to share the address that delivered him the QSL. Thank you so much Rob!

This is only my 2nd QSL from Egypt. I don’t know how many reports I sent to Radio Cairo… but they were all to no avail.
The other Egyptian QSL I have is from the Middle East News Agency (MENA). I vividly remember how in 1993 I built a small RTTY decoder using an OpAmp (918?). It ran with software on the first PC I owned, an IBM PS/2 with an 80286 Intel CPU (10 MHz). With only one purpose… to get a QSL from my 181st radio country.


  1. Antonello Napolitano

    Hi Peter, I am surprised to learn that you don’t have a QSL from ERTU in Egypt. I and other DXers got a full data e-QSL for ERTU’s MW transmission by sending a report to: – A few months ago this info appeared in DX Fanzine: NMA Al-Quran Al-Karim, 864 kHz: F/D e-QSL in 1 day. E-mail address:
    (Michele Gasparri, Civitanova Marche, ITALY, via Facebook Group “QSL”).

    • Peter Reuderink

      Hi Antonello. Yes when I resumed the hobby last year it was one of the addresses I sent a report to. But without result. I will try again, thanks for encouraging me to do so!
      73s Peter

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