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QSL Cyprus Radio 5BA 8414.5 kHz

A real QSL card for Cyprus Radio 5BA on 8414.5 kHz. I heard this coastal station with a DSC message. It is nice that they still award QSL cards by mail. Forty years ago they were also reliable verifiers. I attached an old QSL letter from 1982 for a reception of a broadcast in A1 (Morse code).

QSL Cyprus Radio Nicosia Cyprus
Nice QSL card from Cyprus Radio 5BA, Nicosia, Cyprus
QSL Cyprus Radio 5BA, Nicosia
QSL Cyprus Radio Nicosia 5BA Cyprus
1982 QSL for Cyprus or Nicosia Radio 5BA, Cyprus


  1. Patrick

    I really like that QSL-card picture with 3D view.
    Once in a while I also like to decode some DSC, so I will do this again in the coming days/weeks, as I finished my homemade active loop antenna, and the performance so far is amazing. Hearing Navtex, Volmet and other utilitiy stations I never heard before….happy days ! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good DX Peter !

  2. Peter Reuderink

    Hi Patrick, problem is that there is so much to listen to… Looking forward to hear a bit about your results. 73s & GDDX!

    • Patrick

      Oh yes indeed, now that I have a good antenna and location, there is so much to listen to !
      For example, I had some short listens on 518 kHz navtex, and heard Astrakhan, Odesa, Novorossijsk, all new ones for me, but maybe easy ones for other DXers ๐Ÿ˜‰
      As well as some volmet stations like Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and even Auckland !
      Yesterday evening I also heard japanese wefax for the first time.
      The antenna is not at its definitive location, just about 2m above ground in the garden.
      So happy with its performance so far.
      Some more to explore in the near future ! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Enjoy your radio !

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