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Update: QSL CJYE “Joy Radio” 1250 Oakville, ON

Update: For my reception report to CJYE in January I got two friendly email repies from Hollie at the admin desk. But they didn’t really qualify as a QSL. So I tried it with the PPC format that I started to use this year. Paige Dent, director of engineering was so kind to sign and return the QSL to me.

PPC QSL from CJYE 1250 Oakville ON, Canada

CJYE 1250 “Joy Radio” brings Christian music and talk radio to the greater Toronto area. I sent my report to: 309 Church Street, Oakville, ON, L6J 1N9, Canada.


  1. F. Bleeker

    Maybe I should try my hand as a PPC QSL card designer this year.
    Nice to think that they’d be used for further reports, too, and travel to signal reporters on all continents ever after.

    • Peter Reuderink

      Hi Franz, you actually raised the ID of designing your own QSL cards as a PPC in one of your replies.
      Now you have to be a little bit lucky with the images you can find on the internet, but yes, I do like this design myself as well.
      Would be nice if it does ring a bell with them and start making their own QSLs again. That said I also included self addressed and stamped envelope to make their life as easy as possible.

      Kind regards,

      • F. Bleeker

        Must have been one of my new-year resolutions, unfulfilled yet.
        How did you pre-stamp the envelope? US postage?

        • Peter Reuderink

          Canadian stamps Franz.

          • F. Bleeker


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