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QSL CBI Sydney 1140 kHz

UPDATE!: Earlier I wrote about my recently received QSL for my reception of CBI Sydney on 1140 kHz. In addition to my email (not knowing if it would be answered) I also filled in a web form on the CBC site. Pat from CBC Client Services was so kind to return a detailed email confirming my reception.

I got quite a bit of information about the program I listened to. It was called “Unreserved”. It is a platform for the voice of the indigenous voices of the people in Canada. That also explained why the nice music I listened to was not the usual country or “middle-of-the road” style.

Pat explained that QSL cards were sent in the past. An example from CBW Manitoba 990 kHz was attached. While thanking Pat for taking the time to provide all this nice feedback I also suggested the use of an e-QSL card. It would have taken less time! We DX-ers are usually not part of the target audience of the stations we receive. But I do believe it is important that, as a community, radio stations make a little investment to connect with listeners that tune in to the radio from a more technical perspective. Even if it was only to interest talent for technical careers in support of their stations.

Email QSL from CBC
No, not a QSL for CBW Manitoba, but an example from “the old days”

QSL NDB CE-372 and OSJ-422 Osijek Airport

Croatian Airspace is divided over 6 Regional ATC centres, part of Croatia Control. I have had some success in getting QSLs from the Regional Centres. Mr. Gadzic from the Osijek Regional centre was so kind to return a QSL for NDB CE-372 (Osijek/Cepin) and NDB OSJ-422 (Osijek Airport).

QSL for NDB CE-372 and OSJ-422 at Osijek Airport, Croatia
QSL for NDB CE-372 and OSJ-422 at Osijek Airport

For who is interested, attached find some details about the Navaids at Osijek Airport.

QSL NDB OZN-372 Prins Christians Sund Greenland

UPDATE!: I have to admit that I was already hoping for this, because following an email confirmation of my Aasiaat Radio reception I also received a letter by mail. And indeed, Bo Mogensen, head of Kystradio in Greenland (operated by Tusass), was again so kind to send a physical letter as QSL NDB OZN-372 Prins Christians Sund Greenland. Wow!!! Click here for more details about the reception of the furtherst NDB I ever logged.

Thank you Bo for this service, it is so nice to get a QSL/picture of these remote locations!

Prins Christians Sund transmitter site QSL
A very nice QSL letter for OZN Prins Christians Sund, Greenland

QSL NDB WU-329 and VNA-364 Umea Airport

Swedavia at Umea Airport sent me a confirmation having received my reception report of NDB WU-329 and VNA-364. I am afraid that I can’t actually call this one a QSL… it is more a “thank you” and polite referral to LFV “Luftfartsverket”. LFV is the organization that remotely operates 16 airports from four control centres in Sweden: ATCC Stockholm, ATCC Malmö, RTC Stockholm and Östgöta Kontrollcentral (ÖKC).

With 1566 and 1578 kilometers from my home QTH these rank pretty high in terms of distance.

QSL Radio 1224 Lunteren

I received this beautiful e QSL Radio 1224 Lunteren. With 100 Watts this is one of the many legal LPAM stations that are active in the Netherlands.

Lunteren is only 50 kilometers away from my home QTH. Compared to other LPAM stations reception in Woerden is worse than I would have expected. The city of Utrecht and the Utrechtse Heuvelrug (a slightly – 50 meters – elevated forest area) are in the reception path. My guess is that this plays a negative role.

Operator/owner Teun (who is also a licensed HAM: PA3GDL) writes that they are active for 4 years now. Programs are presented by a team of 12 DJs who work remotely (from their own home) for convenience. You can learn more about Radio 1224 on their website where you can also submit your reception report.

QSL LPAM Radio 1224 from Lunteren
eQSL LPAM Radio 1224 from Lunteren, The Netherlands

QSL Radio Centrale Milano 1575 kHz

UPDATE!: Today I received another email from the Centrale Milano Team. I received their testsignals – with only 10 Watts – a few weeks ago. I was promised a QSL Radio Centrale Milano 1575 kHz and here it is:

QSL Centrale Milano from Alessandria, Italy
eQSL from Centrale Milano, Alessandria, Italy on 1575 kHz

I’m really pleased with this QSL. It confirmed the low power and it shows the beautiful Cathedral in Milan which I had the opportunity to visit some 20 years ago.

Enzo from Centrale Milano wrote this in his email:

Here our QSL for your archive and some other picture of the studios and myself (Enzo) recently and during the seventies in American Radio Milano.
I was a former DJ in many Italian radio station and a speaker/voice actor for many years.

Now, my mission is to keep alive the Medium Waves in Italy and in Europe if possible….. with 10w and more (:).
We are authorized to use the historical Rai 1575Khz frequency up to 1kw so, it seem it should work very well.

Thank you very much again.
Stay Tuned !

Radio Centrale Milano

On the pictures below you see Enzo today and Enzo in the past! Stay tuned for this new station as they prepare for regular broadcasts!

Gibraltar Day and an old QSL

My JRC NRD535 is usually tuned to 14230 kHz in SSTV watch mode (using MultiPSK). This weekend I noticed a couple of interesting SSTV images:

The HAM station ZG2GI was in the air during Gibraltar National Day, September 10th. I considered it a catch worth posting on my site. The day commemorates Gibraltar’s first sovereignty referendum of 1967. Gibraltarian voters were asked whether they wished to either pass under Spanish sovereignty, or remain under British sovereignty, with institutions of self-government. Listening to the radio (or is this more like “viewing the radio” ) makes that you learn something new every day.

Gibraltar is a separate EDXC radio country. There is still a medium wave station on 1458 kHz which was always difficult to receive. But with more and more stations shutting down, who knows? For now, Lyca Radio – oddly enough with 125 kW one of the most powerful AM stations left in the UK – is still dominating the frequency here in my home QTH Woerden.

The alternative in the 80-ies was to receive the Royal Navy from Gibraltar who was broadcasting with callsign GYU in CW on shortwave. And yes, my QSL shows the monkey and the rock!

1981 QSL from Royal Navy at Gibraltar
1981 QSL from Royal Navy at Gibraltar

QSL NDB OZN-372 Prins Christian Sund Greenland

The longest distance over which I have received a beacon so far is OZN Prins Christian Sund with 3300 km. A bit of research on the internet made me think that this beacon might very well be operated by Tusass Greenland. Apparently that was correct: Bo Mogensen, who also confirmed my Aasiaat Radio reception, sent me a brief email as QSL OZN-372 Prins Christian Sund.

The OZN radio beacon is located at weather station at the Prins Christian Sund on the southern tip of Greenland. This station was founded by the US during WWII under the name Bluie East One.

QSL NDB EN-400 Örebro Airport

Another QSL from a Swedish NDB received in the SQUEEZE100 event. Mr. Mikael Reinholds, Manager IT&ANS, was so kind to send me an email as QSL NDB EN-400 at Örebro Airport in Sweden. The distance to this beacon is 1019 kilometer from my home QTH.

I will provide an update should I receive the promised picture of the EN site.

QSL NDB EN on 400 kHz for Örebro Airport, Sweden
QSL NDB EN on 400 kHz for Örebro Airport, Sweden
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