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Rock Revolution heard on 1233 kHz

For a couple of evenings I’ve now heard Radio Rock Revolution on 1233 kHz in pretty decent quality. Today I found them signing on at 19:04 h UTC. Sign off after midnight. Hard rock heard yesterday, today a bit more mainstream. Frequent IDs, “Radio Rock Revolution, where passion for rock never ends…“, but nothing else. Location unknown, loop seems to indicate East – West direction from central part of the Netherlands.

I heard this station with same IDs on 1494 kHz mid november 2022. Does someone have more info? Please comment on this post!


    • admin

      Thanks Mr. Glowfish for the addition, really appreciated!

  1. Joe

    Peter, do you remember if this address worked? Not much out there for this station.

    • Peter Reuderink

      Hi Joe, no I don’t as far as I know I’ve only used:, and didn’t get a reply.
      Indeed not much on the internet as far as this station is concerned, which is a pity.
      Thanks for your interest in my weblog, kind regards, Peter.

      • ON5SM

        I have sended out also two reports in august for the same email adress but never got any reply… or the adres is not active anymore or its not been watched or they do not reply to emails (would be unpolite).

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