With my return to the bands I also picked up my passion for NDB hunting. Today I got an email QSL NDB PN Palanga. NDBs – or Non Directional Beacons – are used for navigation purposes. In the past you had them in both maritime and aeronautical service. The maritime ones have all gone in Europe as far as I know, but aeronautical beacons are still present.
I never received a beacon from Lithuania, so this is proof of the fact that my new combo of ICOM-R8600 and Bonito Megaloop FX can actually “do it”. That said, my participation in the NDB CLE two weeks ago was a disaster, finishing last ☹️.
For NDBs I always used “PPCs”. Forgot what the acronym is all about (Prepared Post Cards?), but the idea was that the station only had to “sign, stamp and post”. In the email era I felt that you still need to spice it up, and below you can see my approach on how to do that.
Please note the letterhead with the Lithuanian and Ukranian flag, holding hands in solidarity. And that makes this QSL special when I will look back on it years down the road. I’ve a couple of such “landmark” QSLs in my collection which I will post about in due time. Happy NDB hunting!

email QSL NDB PN Palanga – my first Lithuanian NDB!