Since a few weeks I’m member of “NDB list“, a must have for all NDB, DSC, Navtex fans. The NDB group organizes CLE’s, Coordinated Listening Events. Aim is to log as many NDBs in a certain frequency range over a period of 3 days.
Target for the 289th CLE was 270-320 kHz. Now I do like NDB hunting, but this is not my favourite part of the band with lots of noise and QRM from DGPS stations. And last night’s Aurora did not make things much better. I finished with a disappointing 4 logs only:

293 OB Brussel (BEL)
311 LMA Lintfort (G)
315 HOL Villacoublay (F)
319 VS Valenciennes (F)

All I can hope for is a better result next time!