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QSL Radio Tour, Potenza 101.8 MHz

OOps… I checked my Spam inbox and had a nice surprise: a few weeks ago I received a QSL from Radio Tour, a smaller regional station from the Potenza area. I heard them on 101.8 MHz, a transmitter from Potenza with 500 Watts. I sent my report with MP3 to and received a reply within a day!

email to QSL my reception of regional station Radio Tour from Potenza, Italy

Radio Tour operates 13 fairly low power transmitters from the Potenza area. And that’s what I like about this catch! The strongest station is 4 kW on 100.3 MHz, also from Potenza. There is an 800 Watt transmitter in Balvano, and their third strongest transmitter is the one I received… The slogan of Radio Tour is “Radio Tour Viaggo in 1a classe nel passato” – “Radio Tour, I travel 1st class journey into the past”… which I found a bit surprising as I heard songs from the 90-ies… but that’s probably because of my own age…

QSL Radio Norba, Potenza 98.2 MHz

A nice email QSL from Radio Norba. Radio Norba operates a FM network in the southern half of Italy. I received them on 98.2 MHz via the 10 kW transmitter in Potenza. A distance of 1574 kilometers from my QTH.
On this YouTube clip you can hear them and see their full PI/RDS 5353/R-Norba. I sent my report to .

Radio Norba coverage map

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