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QSL TWR Bonaire 800 kHz

Staying on the island Curaçao for two weeks I couldn’t resist to bring my small Grundig G6 aviator with me. And send some reception reports of course. The e- QSL TWR Bonaire 800 kHz is for the strongest station in the Caribbean.

QSL TWR Bonaire 800 kHz

In 2021 the transmitter power was increased to 440 kW. The decision to boost power was made when it was recognized that “a large regional station in Latin America was needed to supplement the small FM operations on air in that region”, according to Lauren Libby, president and CEO TWR. The station went on air in 1963 with 500 kW. But the costs of running a high power tube type rig forced them to cut back power to 100 kW in 1998.

The station can be heard in Europe, although it is not as easy as the power might suggest given that the frequency is only 1 kHz away from European 801 kHz with some Spanish stations. Worse at my QTH is LPAM station Radio Jong Europa from Alphen aan de Rijn. Only 100 Watt, but also only 20 kilometers away they spoil reception with broad band non stop music. In Curaçao, at only 80 kilometers away from Bonaire, it is an easy catch obviously.

Nice detail is that you can write the station directly at and get a dedicated QSL, rather than the more generic QSL via the TWR webform. And, together with Saba and St. Eustatius, Bonaire is a separate radio country!

QSL Radio Centrale Milano 1575 kHz

UPDATE!: Today I received another email from the Centrale Milano Team. I received their testsignals – with only 10 Watts – a few weeks ago. I was promised a QSL Radio Centrale Milano 1575 kHz and here it is:

QSL Centrale Milano from Alessandria, Italy
eQSL from Centrale Milano, Alessandria, Italy on 1575 kHz

I’m really pleased with this QSL. It confirmed the low power and it shows the beautiful Cathedral in Milan which I had the opportunity to visit some 20 years ago.

Enzo from Centrale Milano wrote this in his email:

Here our QSL for your archive and some other picture of the studios and myself (Enzo) recently and during the seventies in American Radio Milano.
I was a former DJ in many Italian radio station and a speaker/voice actor for many years.

Now, my mission is to keep alive the Medium Waves in Italy and in Europe if possible….. with 10w and more (:).
We are authorized to use the historical Rai 1575Khz frequency up to 1kw so, it seem it should work very well.

Thank you very much again.
Stay Tuned !

Radio Centrale Milano

On the pictures below you see Enzo today and Enzo in the past! Stay tuned for this new station as they prepare for regular broadcasts!

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