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QSL SAQ Grimeton Xmas 2023 on 17.2 kHz

Of the 4 SAQ Grimeton broadcasts I was able to listen to in 2023 this was by far the best reception with a clear CW signal, S4. A week later I received their e-QSL!

QSL SAQ Grimeton Christmas 2023
e-QSL for the SAQ Grimeton Christmas Eve morning transmission 2023

SAQ Grimeton is a former wireless telegraph station in Sweden. It generates radio signals using an AC generator (called an alternator) designed by the Swedish engineer Alexanderson. This technology was used prior to the development of vacuum tube oscillators. You can learn more about the history of this station and its planned transmissions on the website of the Alexander assocation.

Merry Christmas from the tallest Christmas Tree in the World!

photo: Chris Gottenbos

I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone who follows or just visits my blog a Merry Christmas!

On the picture above you see the Tallest Christmas Tree of the World. Almost 370 meters tall, with lights connected on the guy wires of the Gerbrandy Radio/TV tower near IJsselstein. The tower is about 14 kilometers away from my QTH, but I can easily see it from my house! If visibility permits, you can even spot this tree from 40-50 kilometers distance. This year we celebrate the 25th time that the lights went on.

More info on: De Grootste Kerstboom

VOCM: “Your Merry Christmas Station is back!”

In the Netherlands we just celebrated the arrival of Sinterklaas this weekend, a children’s party that culminates in a festive gifts evening on December 5. Only after December 5th we start preparing for Christmas.

However in Canada VOCM is already in the Christmas spirit. After the Aurora of the past few days, reception conditions seem to be recovering. So for those who want to get into the Christmas mood right now: tune in to VOCM 590, “your Merry Christmas station is back!”. Click on the link for a short YouTube clip.

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