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Radio Romania International goes e-QSL

I received an email from the English desk of Radio Romania International announcing their new winter schedule. In the same email they announced that they are working ways to send out digital or eQSLs in 2023. As we are already in the 4th quarter I’m not sure if this is a typo, although I’m still waiting on a 2023 QSL. Anyway it is a pity as I loved the old school QSL they sent, and they were reliable verifiers.
Recent budget cuts forced them to close two out of five transmitters. So I guess the move to eQSLs is probably another cost reduction measure.


  1. F. Bleeker

    Sad to hear this, but what matters most is that they are still broadcasting on shortwave, and actually in a surprising number of languages.
    They have their priorities right: on the internet, they’d just be one media org among thousands. On the radiowaves, they are standing out.
    (And their programs are really worth listening to.)

    • Peter Reuderink

      Fully agree, I like tuning in to them. And the English desk is often kind enough to verify local MW station from Radio Romania. Thanks for your comment!

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