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QSL Ørlandet Radio 518 kHz

Via Stian Tveit, QSL manager at Kystradio Sør, I got this informative QSL letter for my reception of Ørlandet Radio at 518 kHz, I sent my report to, but you can also send your reports directly to Mind you, Kystradio Sør is only responsible for stations below 65N. The more northern stations are responsibility of Kystradio Nord.

QSL Letter Orlandet Radio - Kystradio Sor
QSL letter from Ørlandet Radio on 518 kHz

Orlandet Radio, callsign LFO is one of three stations that broadcast NAVTEX information on 490 and 518 kHz. The others are Jeloya and Rogaland Radio, all controlled from Kystradio Sør.
UPDATE: what is known as Jeloya (letter M) is actually located in Tjome/Horsten and should be referred to as Tjome Radio. Rogaland (L) and Orlandet (N) are still – albeit remotely operated – separate transmitter sites. See also comments below. (Thanks to Stian Tveit from Telenor).

LGQ Rogaland Radio with B1 “L”, Jeloya which is actually Tjome “M”, and Orlandet “N” came in nicely!


  1. Robert Jansen

    Beautifull. QSL Card. and a nice website you have Peter.
    73’s BDXC 1699

  2. Tor Radio

    Slight typo – should be 65 N, not 56.

    The NAVTEX site at Jeloya has been removed. Antenna tower removed.

    • Peter Reuderink

      Hi Tor, thank you! I corrected the typo.
      And yes you are right the site at Jeloya is no longer active. So I guess they still use the name and call sign Jeloya for NAVTEX to indicate the area for which the navigational warnings are intended? Do you know where the transmissions come from?
      Kind regards, Peter

      • Tor Radio

        Hello, I’ll inquire with Telenor. The NAVTEX TX sites are no longer shown on their official charts but hopefully I’ll have details to share very soon.

        • Peter Reuderink

          Hi Tor, Stian Tveit from Telenor already provided me with an answer: NAVTEX msgs with M (often referred to as Jeloya) were in fact coming from the Tjome site (which was later relocated to Horten). Rogaland (L) and Orlandet (N) are still separate remotely operated transmitter sites. See Stian’s full answer below:

          It is just two radio stations in Norway (for maritime); Norwegian Coastal Radio South and North. Jeloya Radio was closed down for many years ago – maybe 50 years ago and these towers is just taken down. We had some transmitters on Jeloya until 2019 (Navtex and MF transmitters), but that was not a own radio station – it was just some transmitters and towers. We also had some MF transmitters and receivers on a place called Tjome (Tjøme in Norwegians), and the equipment’s was in 2019 moved to Tjome. Tjome radio was also on this site called Tjome until approximately 2000 when Tjome radio moved to a town called Horten.
          So; Navtex Jeloya is now Navtex Tjome. It is the same Navtex ID – just 23 NM away, and when you are at Jeloya you can almost see the towers on Tjome.
          Radio (f.eks. Tjome radio) is a radio station with operators/staff members inside, but f.ex. Navtex Orlandet or Navtex Rogaland is just a site with an antenna and some transmitter equipment.
          So sometimes it will be called Navtex Jeloya still, but the correct name is Navtex Tjome (and Navtex Rogaland for the ID L, and Navtex Orlandet for the ID N).

  3. Tor Radio

    Excellent! It is «Horten», though.

    The NAVTEX tower at Jeloya («Jeloy Radio», which is now a hotel/conference facility for Telenor) was dismantled last winter. It should be noted that Jeløy Radio was never a coastal radio station. For years it hosted remote-controlled equipment, including the coastal radio service.

    Some photos from the site:

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