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KYODO News by FAX on 16971 kHz

As far as I know – and correct me if I’m wrong, comments are more than welcome – KYODO from Japan is the only service that still broadcasts newspapers in FAX on HF / Shortwave. According to their website they are radio-transmitted twice a day to about 800 ocean-going ships and fishing boats, and hotels in resorts abroad. The first newspaper was published in 1964.

I received them with my RSPdx and MLA30+ antenna on June 26th, around 17:30 h UTC on 16971 kHz. Interesting detail: apparently because of the complexity of the Japanese characters they transmit in 60 rather than the more common 120 lines per minute.

A good overview of the few FAX transmission still available can be found on this website. KYODO has transmissions from Singapore as well.

Kyodo Japan News Fax
Fax from Kyodo News Agency in Japan


  1. Darau Blė

    Hi Peter!

    Nice to see there are more people receiving Kyodo New 🙂

    rfax.pdf is actually quite old and it does not provide an accurate details on Kyodo News transmissions. Current EIBI database (from HFCC) has it updated for A23.

    I, myself, collect Kyodo News and post them on a WordPress site:

    It is actually at the end of free space, so I will continue on another site, and then another, and then…

    I also saw you have Bonito Megaloop FX (I guess) antenna, which I consider a very good gadget for HF DX, at least I basically fell in love with it.

    • Peter Reuderink

      Thanks Darau for your response and additions!

  2. Patrick

    I have received Kyodo News for the first time almost 30 years ago with quite good results, but haven’t been able to receive any decent signal from them for the last 25 years or so due to heavy QRM, but now living in a more “radiofriendly” area I got a quite decent image this morning on 16971 kHz.
    The radiohobby is fun again 🙂
    Good DX Peter !

  3. Peter Reuderink

    Hi Patrick, yep pretty much the same here. I made my reception of Kyodo News on a campsite in Appelscha where we were pretty much the only folk camping. For a couple of days I received good pictures. I’ve not been able to reproduce the result here at the home QTH yet.

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