As far as I know – and correct me if I’m wrong, comments are more than welcome – KYODO from Japan is the only service that still broadcasts newspapers in FAX on HF / Shortwave. According to their website they are radio-transmitted twice a day to about 800 ocean-going ships and fishing boats, and hotels in resorts abroad. The first newspaper was published in 1964.

I received them with my RSPdx and MLA30+ antenna on June 26th, around 17:30 h UTC on 16971 kHz. Interesting detail: apparently because of the complexity of the Japanese characters they transmit in 60 rather than the more common 120 lines per minute.

A good overview of the few FAX transmission still available can be found on this website. KYODO has transmissions from Singapore as well.

Kyodo Japan News Fax
Fax from Kyodo News Agency in Japan