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QSL Galei Zahal 1287 kHz

Yesterday I wrote about the reactivation of Galei Zahal on 1287 and 945 kHz. In the evening hours both frequencies could be received very well here in The Netherlands. This morning the QSL for Galei Zahal 1287 kHz showed up in my email box. Galei Zahal (or Galatz) is the radio station of the IDF (Israeli Army).

email confirming Galei Zahal (IDF Radio) on 1287 kHz

The transmitter on 1287 kHz is located in She’ar Yashuv, in the North of Israel, only 3 kilometers away from the border with Lebanon.

Galei Zahal at She’ar Yashuv (Google Maps Street View)


  1. F. Bleeker

    Seems they added the second line, about the hostages, a day later. The Email I got a day earlier was a one-liner.
    Not sure how well Galei Zahal covers the region on VHF/FM, but medium wave is certainly a more reliable info carrier.

  2. Chris

    Years ago when it was on again in She’ar Yashuv on 1485, the transmitted power then was 10KW. I wonder what its power is now.. (Originally, we thought that it’s power was 50 or 100KW as the ex-Voice of Hope transmitter, but now I think we have to reconsider that)

    • Peter Reuderink

      Thanks for the additional information Chris!

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