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QSL Radio Santa Fe 1070 AM

I heard Radio Santa Fe during my stay on Curacao, and Ms. Blanca Bernal was so kind to QSL Radio Santa Fe 1070 AM.

Radio Santa Fe was founded in 1938 by Hernando Bernal Andrade and his wife Luisa Mahe. Bernal purchased a communications system from a crashed airplane, repaired it and with his wife bought a house in Centenario, a neighbourhood in southern Bogotá, where the first broadcasts of Radio Santa Fe started.

I wouldn’t be suprised if Ms. Bernal is family of the founder. And while I am very grateful for the response of Ms. Bernal I regret that they don’t do something like an e QSL….Years ago they sent a QSL like this:

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  1. F. Bleeker

    DXers can still feel the magic of the airwaves, but a lot of radio staff probably don’t anymore. Listener feedback, especially the technical aspects of it, have become a rather mundane affair. The near-disappearance of snail mail probably hasn’t helped here either. I mean, look at that cardbox QSL: written on a typewriter.
    Just glorious. :))

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