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Received my KL85 prize!

In April I received KL85 on 900 AM celebrating their 3rd anniversary. A little quiz was held during the show I was listening. “What is story behind the name of the station KL85?”. My answer was correct , it is Kortrijk – Leie and postal code 85. And today I received my prize: a beautiful book about the history of Radio Veronica. Find out more about KL85 and their cool programs on

Thank you Geert and the KL85 team!


  1. Geert van Dijk

    Thanks Peter and enjoy KL85!

  2. Lex van der Noord

    Congratulations on winning the book.
    Keep listening to KL85 and enjoy our programs…

    Lex van der Noord

  3. Peter Reuderink

    Thank you Lex, and I will!

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