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Received my KL85 prize!

In April I received KL85 on 900 AM celebrating their 3rd anniversary. A little quiz was held during the show I was listening. “What is story behind the name of the station KL85?”. My answer was correct , it is Kortrijk – Leie and postal code 85. And today I received my prize: a beautiful book about the history of Radio Veronica. Find out more about KL85 and their cool programs on

Thank you Geert and the KL85 team!

QSL Studio AM900 Terneuzen

As reported earlier I received the KL85 3rd anniversary program via Studio AM900, Terneuzen, the Netherlands.
Via Bart Serlie, station manager, I received this beautiful e-QSL. According to the info I got from Bart, Studio AM900 was in the air at the time with a transmitter power of 34 Watt of which some 25 Watt was effectively used. They are planning to get a stronger transmitter online on May 13th. This one was in use by Groeistad AM Wassenaar and is referred to by Bart as the “Groeistad Griek“. Hopefully this increases the opportunity for other DX listeners to receive this nice and friendly station.
Big thanks to Bart and his team for the QSL, the nice email conversation we had, and the opportunity to participate live in the program of Edward Klein last Friday!

QSL Studio AM 900 Terneuzen
QSL Studio AM 900 Terneuzen

QSL KL85 via Studio AM 900 Terneuzen

Last week I was trying to get a readable signal from LPAM station Studio AM, broadcasting on 900 kHz from Terneuzen, in the Netherlands. In the evening and night this frequency is dominated by COPE Granada. During daylight hours I could pick up a signal, but too weak to positively identify the station.
On the 2nd day of Easter that was different, but at first I didn’t understand the station ID? KL85? I happened to tune in to a special 3rd anniversary full day show of KL85, an internet radiostation that is also relayed via Studio AM 900. Their name comes from the city of Kortijk, the river Leie, and postal code 85.
I received a nice email on my reception report, but I also won a 50 Euro voucher for a visit to the Museum of the 20th century in Hoorn. Having received over 1000 QSLs that’s a first (although I once got a T-shirt from Radio New Zealand many years ago).

QSL KL85 via Studio AM 900 Terneuzen
QSL KL85 via Studio AM 900 Terneuzen.

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