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QSL Woofferton Transmitting Station 17785 kHz

QSL Encompass Woofferton United Kingdom
e QSL for the reception of the Encompass program celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the Woofferton Transmitting Station

A special e- QSL for Woofferton Transmitting Station on 17785 kHz. Encompass Digital Media is the owner of this transmitting station at Woofferton, United Kingdom. Formerly owned by the BBC it was handed over to Encompass in 1997 as a part of the privatization of the World Service distribution and transmission.

On October 17th, Encompass brought a special program celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the Woofferton Station. The program featured various personal stories of people that are working or had worked on the station. I thoroughly enjoyed it, as having been an operational manager myself (albeit in a different line of business) I can really appreciate how a team can be proud of running a complex technical facility together.

(Thanks to Franz Bleeker for bringing this broadcast to my attention!)


  1. Patrick

    “(Thanks to Franz Bleeker for bringing this broadcast to my attention!)”

    And thank you for bringing this to my attention Peter 🙂
    I listened on 17785 kHz and had a nice copy.

  2. F. Bleeker

    Thanks for the link! No e-QSL in here yet, but I suppose it’s somewhere in the processing queue.

  3. Peter Jenner

    I live about 14 miles from Wooferton. the penny dropped a few years ago when i wondered why some of the “overseas” stations i was hearing were so strong on a cheap portable!. relay stations …

    • Peter Reuderink

      Hi Peter, thanks for your interest in the blog… and yeah we have all made such mistakes I guess, at least I did. Only recently I listened to an low power AM station that came in surprisingly strong… until I found out that they probably started testing a 2nd transmitter less than 5 kilometers from my QTH.

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