Following a tip from Hugo Matten I was trying to receive Charleville Radio VMC, Australia, transmitting weather fax messages on 13920 kHz for a while. Initially I didn’t succeed. On my suburban home QTH I’m very pleased with my Megaloop FX antenna on lower frequencies. However I am a bit worried that the performance in the higher frequency bands leaves room for improvement.

While camping I decided to test my new Boni Whip antenna in combination with the RSPdx. I purchased these specifically for camping trips. And on the first attempt I was lucky! Below you see one of the pictures I received, using HDSDR and MultiPSK. Australia is easily recognizable.

Weather Fax received from Charleville Radio, Australia
Weather report by FAX from Charleville Radio VMC, Australia

My reception on May 1st was awarded by Craig from Kordia with their beautiful eQSL card. Within in a day! Now I’m trying to catch Wiluna Radio… I got some signals, but not enough for a decent FAX image.

QSL Charleville VMC 13920 kHz Australia
QSL Charleville Radio VMC 13920 kHz (weather fax)